Musical Chairs Won't Ungum the Works

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Musical Chairs Won't Ungum the Works

There are always personnel changes but lately it looks like it has accelerated.

Level3 and its channel head, Mike Jerich, parted company.

MegaPath and its channel head, Eric Beller, parted company. Beller is at Sandler Partners.

Simple Signal and WTG both separated from senior execs.

Broadvox had 2 team changes in a year. David Byrd left for ANPI, replaced by former Speakeasy's Bruce Chatterley, who didn't make it a year at Broadvox.

There are so many others but the Covad/Speakeasy/MegaPath crowd really have been playing musical chairs the most. Today, rumor has it that Jeffrey Pearl is leaving MegaPath. Pearl and I had an interview about the open Channel VP spot about a month ago. I'd say that the telcos are stuck. There is gum in the gears. Things are working. Why?

Integration is just a piece of it - albeit a big piece. MegaPath, AT&T and Level3 have all had integration issues. AT&T is still Baby Bells under the circus tent that is Ma Bell. "Oh, you have BellSouth service? That's gone. You have to buy AT&T service. And we can't use the fiber because that was BellSouth's." I wish I was kidding.

When the world is going to commodity pricing, revenues are going to dip because How Do You Grow Revenue in a Commodity Market?

Cogent has done a great job in conjunction with Hurricane Electric in bringing the price of bandwidth too low in telecom hotels. L3 is still suffering from it.

When your back office is a gummed up mess, how do you compete against the nimble newcomers - the CSB, MSP, MSSP?

When you are that siloed internally how do you effectively launch new product?

XO didn't even do any integration and they have gummed up works.

How do you think changing personnel is going to help?

If you have people leaving, then you have big problems. What will happen is that the best people will leave. Then you will be stuck with the B Team. Did they ever make a show about the B Team?

Tom Peters writes that many of the Fortune 5000 won't be around in 10 years. Too many changes are happening too fast for entrenched organizations to adapt to the changes. Some of the changes involve talent, skills, Big Data, math/science/computing, but also reaction to the marketplace. Tom Peters describes, "Algorithms have already written symphonies as moving as those composed by Beethoven, picked through legalese with the deftness of a senior law partner, diagnosed patients with more accuracy than a doctor, written news articles with the smooth hand of a seasoned reporter, and driven vehicles on urban highways with far better control than a human driver." What do you do then?

Companies are being bought just to solve a problem or to acquire talent. Yet teclos won't be able to buy there way out of the BSS/OSS and organizational silo problems that they currently face.

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