Desktops Moving to the Cloud

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Desktops Moving to the Cloud

Amazon is jumping in to the DaaS (desktop-as-a-service) and streaming services game.

This managed desktop offering from Amazon will be called WorkSpaces, "not to be confused with Cloud Workspace from IndepedenceIT, which EarthLink white labels.

I find it interesting that Amazon would get into a service that has a heavy demand for support, but then I remembered that they just added Mayday to the Fire HDX tablet, so maybe Bezos is ahead of this.

The real uphill battle is that there are a boat ton of laptops and desktops already collecting dust in offices and homes. VDI, DaaS, or whatever you want to call it is driven by the mobility, ubiquitous broadband and devices that people are using. It's what is driving most cloud services - On-Demand Demand.

One thing is certain: when Amazon starts selling it, the market for it will pick up. So Agents get on-board now!

Now will that DaaS come on my Kindle Fire HD?


Even VoIP players like 8x8 are getting into the VDI / DaaS game.

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