Are CLECs Capable of Cloud Services?

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Are CLECs Capable of Cloud Services?

Many CLECs - XO, Cbeyond, EarthLink, TelePacific and MegaPath - are in cloud services. EarthLink and Cbeyond would especially like to be known as cloud providers going forward. My question is: is it possible?

If as a CLEC you can't reliably deliver a T1, can a customer trust you with something more complex than that? I mean, T1 delivery has been around since 1996 in the CLEC world. If you don't have that nailed down yet -- and a couple don't - how can we trust you with anything cloud like Hosted PBX?

If it takes you 2 weeks to quote a transit service, how will you ever quote and deploy a cloud service? I ask that of one particular CLEC/IT company, because anything over 100MB is like asking for the nuclear launch codes.

Will legacy Bell-Head systems - like their BSS/OSS systems - keep CLECs from being able to compete in the cloud arena?

Will their policies and procedures, silos, re-orgs, lack of Net-Head thinking end up being the shoelaces tied together that they trip over and smash their faces?


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