Telx Says They Love the Channel

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Telx Says They Love the Channel

Allen Harmsen, Director of Product Marketing at TELX, spoke with me about the channel strategy at TELX. To clear up the rumors from last week, Harmsen and Mary Fahey explained that Telx was actually still very channel-centric and that no agents had been cut from the program.

At a sales kick-off meeting in Jacksonville in January, the sales team was told that the channel was going to be leaning less on direct sales personnel and more on the channel people, including two newly added channel managers (in the Northwest and NYC). The five channel managers would be responsible for channel sales, not the direct reps, who would focus on Enterprise sales for the 20 data centers in 13 markets as Telx launches its nationwide marketing campaign.

Telx will be profiling the top 25 channel partners to build a profile of a successful partner. This isn't unusual. Many channel programs develop a criteria of what a partner should look like. Unfortunately, most programs then just sign up anyone who can fog a mirror, which is how you end up with 400 agents (and only 40 producing any sales).

Harmsen mentioned that last year 43% of new logos came from channel partners. That's a pretty big number. You wouldn't want to jeopardize that sales chunk - and you would want to hug the channel even more.

It's a good time to be in the data center space - private or public cloud means data center space. The more remote or virtual workers, the more multi-location businesses, the more big data takes over -- are all reasons that data center sales will continue in the near term.

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