Where's the Sales Friction?

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Where's the Sales Friction?

When you look at your anemic sales growth, what is in the way? Where is the friction?

Is it that your sales team isn't closing enough deals? Or is it your sales team is confused about your product catalog?

Is it that they suck at sales? Or that the organization can't process the sales fast enough? Is the provisioning process so manual that there is a backlog?

Is you post-ink churn high? Why? Is the provisioning process broken or is it a lack of project managers to handle the complex deals?

Could it be that there is just a little too much human interaction required from quote to turn-up? (Human cogs can hamper progress.)

How much swivel chair is in your process? (That's a Scott Wharton quote.)

How many systems have to interact from sales to payment in order to get paid? How much of that process -- from quote to ink to invoice to payment - is automatic versus manual?

How much is scale finding all of the bottlenecks in yoru org?

How much of the sales dilemma is an unclear story or message? How much of that story is about you and your tech or your secret sauce (and not enough about the prospect and his pain points)?

How much of your sales challenge is you have a whale hunter chasing the wrong prospects?

There are so many factors in the sales fail bucket. Are you certain you have identified the correct one to fix?

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