The One Pain in the Hosted VoIP Business

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The One Pain in the Hosted VoIP Business

After spending much of this year with Hosted VoIP companies in the US and UK, I have to say that the one pain in the their business is scale.

Scale means a couple of things, like finding talent to hire that doesn't destroy the culture (or chase away other talent). Maintaining the corporate culture is part of scale, too. Scale also involves processes in the business. Can the softswitch handle 5000 concurrent calls? Can it handle 7500 or 10,000? Can we grow sales with the current quoting and ordering systems (or will they slow us down)? Can we add a channel (wholesale or indirect partners) with the current systems in place?

Some times all the blame of the business goes to sales and marketing, but it could also be that other departments (IT, HR, Provisioning, PM) can be just as much of a hindrance to growth (especially with the sales departments don't have faith in the systems behind them).

Just some food for thought on this beautiful Monday.

Provisioning, deploying, configuring, hardware, network monitor, sales, billing, invoicing, quoting, user portal, CRM and so many more pieces go into an efficiently run service provider operation. Sure you'd like more sales, but could the organization handle more sales? Can they turn up and service more sales every month?

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