Things You May Have Missed at ITEXPO

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Things You May Have Missed at ITEXPO

With the official first day of ITEXPO in the bag and the dawn of Day 2 is upon us, here are some of things you may have missed.

Bill Miller of FreedomVoice, Digium, Fujitsu fame is back in the booth at ITEXPO for Fiber Mountain where he is doing his thing in the marketing realm.

Tampa startup and former Startup Camp participant, Phonism, launched its cloud-based VoIP end-point management system out of beta this week. A big WOOT for the Tampa Bay startup community!

At the 20 Years of VoIP panel, Alon Cohen (presently at but was co-founder of Vocaltec) and Jeff Pulver were inducted into the VoIP Hall of Fame. Congrats!!

Many phone (handset) vendors at the show. Snom rolled out a couple of new DECT models, including one that lets you create a DECT mesh network by linking base stations together.

Although MSP World isn't collocated any more, there are a number of MSPs here including by pal Jeff Ponts who is launching CloudMSP with a boooth at CVX. And new comer to the show, ITD, a cloud master agency is here.

Voxox launched its Cloud Phone Pro service, a hosted VoIP service, to go with their SMS, SIP Trunking and mobile app lines.

I sat down with 3CX yesterday. (3CX is Windows-based PBX software). They are having free training for partners in their new Dallas headquarters throughout the month of February. Partners will get a look at the new release which includes an integrated WebRTC gateway that allows for video calls, collaboration, screen sharing and click to call from the web.

Moshe Maeir of Flat Planet Phone company is teasing everyone with his hints about that he is working on to disrupt the Hosted PBX small business market. The launch is expected in April.

Phil Edholm is telling everyone that the sky is falling. Google will buy Switch. Microsoft and Google will start offering $7 phone lines and that will be it for Broadsoft and the 2000 hosted VoIP providers in the US.

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