Salute to Women in Tech

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Salute to Women in Tech

Women in the Channel, Women in Technology and Girls in tech are just a few of the organizations supporting women in the technology field. Being a women in telecom has its own special challenges.

The FCC had a facebook post about Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson which got me to write this article:

"In 1973, Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson became the first African American woman to earn a PhD from MIT. Dr. Jackson's physics experiments helped telecom inventions such as: touch tone phone, portable fax, caller ID, call waiting & more. Currently, Jackson is the president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the oldest technological research university in the United States."

In 1975, Irene Greif become the first woman ever to receive a Ph.D. in computer science from MIT. She recently retired from IBM. Good story at The Atlantic.

Hedy Lamar was a silver screen actress but she also invented Spread Spectrum Technology.

"Ellen Swallow Richards, MIT's first female graduate and faculty member, opened the door for women in science, and founded ecology and home economics along the way." She graduated in the 1870s. She contributed to public health. You can read more about her in the MIT news celebrating 150 years of MIT. Richards is just one of a number of Notable women alumni at MIT.

The only woman to receive a Noble Prize in the sciences in 2014 is May-Britt Moser, who received the Nobel Prize in physiology. She is known as the "the queen of neuroscience.".

It isn't an easy path for women in STEM degrees. Too many boys being boys, who only see girls as girls. (I am guilty of it at times too). "Decades ago, it was women who pioneered computer programming -- but too often, that's a part of history that even the smartest people don't know." [NPR] Ada Lovelace is Lord Byron's child, who envisioned the capabilities of computers in her article on Babbage's math machine.

NPR continues reporting on WIT, "Bartik was one of six female mathematicians who created programs for one of the world's first fully electronic general-purpose computers. Isaacson says the men didn't think it was an important job."

Grace Hopper is a retired Navy rear admiral who is known as the Queen of Software. Talk about conquering two fields held largely by men!

Women in tech hope to change the future. Women Techmakers: Make your passion is a 99 second video you might want to watch, especially if you have daughters.

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