About Product, Startups and Other Things (by Fred Wilson)

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About Product, Startups and Other Things (by Fred Wilson)

In this interview of Fred Wilson by Jason Calacanis, they chat about VCs, investing, startups, Apple, Kickstarter, blogging, Net Neutrality and more.

On blogging, Wilson remarks that it helps him articulate what he is thinking (at 48 min). He also later talks about how many people worry if they will end up in his blog

At 19 minutes Wilson speaks about NYC startups. Doubleclick was the first big NYC startup. Now there are more startups in NYC. Today, people realize that not being in Silicon Valley doesn't mean that you can't do a startup (or find VC money).

At 30 minutes, he is discusses mesh networks. In Portugal, buses are installing access points by Veniam that are creating a mesh wi-fi network for the town. Wilson invested in Veniam. It was mentioned in a TED talk.

"You have to have the Hustle."

Wilson comments on building a great product. He mentions tumblr at 24 minutes as an example of a company focused on delivering a great product. Wilson believes in the value of having a really great product! Engineering and product teams are a requirement for a sustainable company. Importance of a Product team should not be overlooked.

Learn more about the internet of moving things here.

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