Charter Ditches Wholesale

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Charter Ditches Wholesale

Charter made some moves recently including bidding from Bright House Networks, bidding for TWC and re-branding its business services. It lost the TWC bid to Comcast. The BHN bid is contingent on the TWC purchase. The re-branding is a page out of Cablevision: its business services are called Optimum and its Metro Ethernet services are branded as Lightpath. That's what you do when your service sucks -- re-brand to confuse the consumer who isn't really going to check.

Charter is re-branding its business services as Spectrum. Kind of confusing because there are already a couple of Spectrum telecom companies.

Charter sent letters to FISPA and its ISP members that the wholesale program is over starting this week. No more wholesale, but we will offer you an agent program to pay you for business you send us. Better than nothing, but how much longer till that goes away?


I have often said that cable is only in the wholesale and channel business until they deem it unnecessary.

Speaking of wholesale, AT&T merged ACC Business, Wholesale and APEX under one division. So far the wholesale and APEX are merging into just APEX with some manual ordering for products outside the APEX software platform (now only mobility, Ethernet and DIA). ACC Business hasn't been touched yet. Thankfully so, because working with ACC Business is generally pretty good. I do like it when they talk about AT&T as the LEC in a third party voice, like they aren't one giant org.

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