An Afternoon of VoIP News

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An Afternoon of VoIP News

Vitelity, a VoIP, SMS and Fax-over-IP provider, got bought by Onvoy. Onvoy got bought by Zayo. Zayo spun it off as a part of another Zayo entity (CII or Communications Infrastructure Investments).

Onvoy provides tandem and transit, wholesale VoIP, hosted PBX, long distance, SS7/database services, and call management solutions, including directory assistance and operator services. [TMC]

Here's where it gets interesting: "Onvoy's origination services are available in 7,545 ratecenters in 48 states and our switches process billions of calls per year." However, Vitelity, a wholly owned subsidiary says that "With more than 11,000 rate centers, Vitelity has the largest footprint of any VoIP provider!" So how does the company that owns you have less than you by over 3000?!!!

Broadvox has been some turmoil. Part of it was bought by Fusion. Now the remainder - the wholesale VoIP unit - will be acquired by Onvoy. Afterwards Onvoy will touch 80% of households and will be the third largest CLEC by rate center (after Level3 and XO?) Okay, 11K to 7545 then add 5000 with much overlap. Who knows? Third most rate centers and still only about 80% of households.

GlobalPhone went to BroadCloud to scale its softswitch, Hosted PBX service.

Frost & Sullivan have the market report for 2015 about UC&C. Here are 3 take-aways.

"Mergers and acquisitions are redistributing power as the market enters mass-adoption stage, finds Frost & Sullivan."

"Product Differentiation will be crucial in North American for Hosted VoIP and UC&C market growth." (I say integration as differentiation.)

"The North American hosted Internet Protocol (IP) telephony and unified communications and collaboration (UCC) services market is undergoing major changes as it transitions from the early-adopter to mass-adoption stage. Growth rates are accelerating due to an increase in customer awareness of cloud communications benefits. Greater scrutiny of service quality and reliability is compelling providers to differentiate through innovative features and to scout for mergers and acquisitions in order to gain efficiencies and achieve economies of scale."

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