Some Companies Are Doing Well, Some Not

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Some Companies Are Doing Well, Some Not

The quarterly revenue numbers are coming in with some companies doing well, some notsomuch.

The cablecos are doing well. The top 4 (public) MSOs - Comcast, TWC, Charter, Cablevision - "these four companies alone accounted for about 22% ($8.8 billion) of the $40 billion annual special access market in 2014," according to a Forbes columnist.

"Comcast's business services revenue increased 21.9% in 2014 and 26.4% in 2013." Comcast Business does $1.2B per quarter - making them one of the largest CLECs!

"Time Warner Cable's revenue from its provision of business services increased 22.8% to $2.8 billion (annual) and represented 12.4% of its total revenue in 2014."

"Last week, Verizon's quarterly earnings report showed that the company generated $495 million in revenue from its Internet of Things business for the first nine months of 2015." [source]

"Wal-Mart forecasted a 6 percent to 12 percent earnings drop for fiscal year 2017, it stunned financial markets and just about everyone one else in business." [source]


Amazon opened a bookstore much to the chagrin of Wall Street, authors and booksellers.

EarthLink saw a widening net loss. They look more and more like Sprint every day. Two companies that have elements to do well but can't untie their shoes long enough to make a stride.

"According to Sprint, the company posted a quarterly loss of $585 million on earnings of $7.8 billion, thanks in large part to a series of promotions the company has been running to try and keep pace with T-Mobile, which leap-frogged Sprint into the third-place carrier position earlier this year."

T-Mobile subscriber numbers are growing. There are still rumors of a sale of the company.

"Black Box Network Services reported shrinking sales and a $129.8 million loss for its second fiscal quarter this week ...Sales for the quarter declined 5 percent year over year to $237 million." Re-structuring a sales org will ruin sales. [crn]

Xerox had a bloody quarter.

LUMOS Networks had a fine quarter. "The company added 308 route miles of fiber to its network during the quarter as well as 68 new enterprise buildings and 54 cell sites." [Ramblings]

Birch said they had a strong quarter without any proof.

Like many telcos, Level3 numbers showed a decline in wholesale but a rise in enterprise. After one year of integrated tw telecom, things are going well.

The winners talk about strategic plans and execution. Probably a good thing to have in any business.

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