End of Year News Tidbits (Part 2425)

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End of Year News Tidbits (Part 2425)

As we end this year, there has been a flurry of "news".

Sprint gave its employees layoffs for the holidays. Despite the cash from Softbank, Sprint is losing ground to T-Mobile and has little hope of catching up to Ma and Pa Bell (ATT and VZW). It isn't about price as much as it IS about a quality network. Access to exclusive phones doesn't hurt either.

In positive news for this cellco, Sprint teams with Conversocial to become the first US telecommunications brand to introduce Messenger as part of their social care strategy.

Lots of throttling claims from YouTube, DISH and others to both wireline and cellular network operators. It figures.

It leads to an interesting question: Should ISPs filter the Internet for their customers?

Broadband use is down from 70% to 67% in homes in the US according to Pew. They probably can't afford it.

Lightower Fiber Networks has acquired network assets from HarborLite Networks, based in Baltimore, Md., which includes fiber in downtown Baltimore. Always good to buy fiber density in an NFL city.

Microsoft acquired Talko. Dan York talks about what that means here. Basic problem with every new talk or text app: You need network effect for it to work. Hyper-crowded market right now. And no one has a Snapchat problem.

Altice is trying to buy both Suddenlink and Cablevision. New York State authorities aren't buying their story about network upgrades. For once, consumer good IS being looked at. The authorities have to know that once they say YES, there is no way for them to enforce acquisition conditions. And every major acquisition that has come with conditions has had the buyer skirt them.

ShoreTel is buying Corvisa out of the UK and Netherlands for $8.5M.

IBM and BellSouth had a short history of working together. Now IBM is taking over AT&T's Managed Hosting Services. If you can't be good at it, outsource it!

Happy Holidays!

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