And Start the New Year Now (Tidbits # 2427)

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And Start the New Year Now (Tidbits # 2427)

ITEXPO is in Ft Lauderdale in 20 days. Will you be there?

Our ITEXPO panel on Open Source for Service Providers will be using Dialogic's study, which is examined in this blog post by Jim Machi of Dialogic.

Some good reads to start off the new year.

AVC's Fred Wilson on What Is Going To Happen In 2016

Alianza has a good read about Disruption to the cable industry HERE. It is based on an Accenture study about the top line growth of cable and the factors that may affect it.

Apparently, the cost to acquire a cellular customer is at least $650, as VZW is now poaching AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Customers With a $650 Credit. How profitable can that be? In 2 years, that is $27 per month and ARPU is about $54 per month. Margins of 50% on cellular? This is what happens when the metrics are ARPU and new adds. Must get more customers (even unprofitable ones).

Five cloud experts give their predictions around cloud and security for 2016

Comcast gets more consumer complaints than any ISP. "The deluge of angry customers is so big that the FCC gets more Internet service complaints about Comcast than it does for AT&T, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable (TWC) combined." [ARS]

Level3 would like inter-connection congestion to be reported to the FCC as part of the "FCC's new rules requiring ISPs to supply more information on their management of networks to consumers." NCTA says Heck No! And they would because they don't want transparency on their artificial congestion (aka squeezing the tube that connects consumers to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other OTT content that they want to watch.)

Remember CarrierIQ? They were the company adding rootkit for monitoring smartphone usage for the cellcos. After scrutiny, they went belly up. AT&T bought the assets. Probably a joint venture with the NSA.

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