How Do You Choose a Marketing Firm?

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How Do You Choose a Marketing Firm?

I find it interesting that most service providers treat marketing as separate from the business as a shed in the backyard is separate from the house. Service providers would not hire someone off fiverr or elance to configure routers or phones, but would use any platform like that to hire people to manage their brand or marketing.

At the very least, when hiring a marketing firm, check their track record. Do they have any home runs?


Check to see if they even understand your product or marketplace. If not, you better be able to educate them on the buyers, the benefits, the why someone buys it and what they do with your technology or services.

And if you are hiring a consultant, be certain that they want to consult and not get hired for a job. It will affect not only the results but the cost of the project.

A brand can be a significant asset - think P&G, Coca-Cola or Ford. It is a significant asset of your business. Many telcos and MSOs are refreshing their brands today to demonstrate the transition from TDM to IP, from T1 to Ethernet to cloud to next gen. I am not saying you need to re-brand. You do need to refresh your marketing though.

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