The SD-WAN and Why You Should Care Podcast # 1: Ecessa

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The SD-WAN and Why You Should Care Podcast # 1: Ecessa


In the first podcast of the SD-WAN series this month, I talk with Ken LaMere, Director of Channel Sales, from Ecessa as we begin the discussion on SD-WAN and why agents should care.

Ken was on the Convey Cloud Convention explaining SD-WAN and why should anyone care earlier this year. You can catch the webcast here.

Here's a link to an SD-WAN Technology Comparison Brief. It looks at the various forms SD-WAN is taking, whether virtual, cloud-based or premise-based, and gives the pros and cons to each.

If you can't see the flash mp3 player, you can go to SoundCloud to listen and download the podcast.

FYI... on Wed., April 27 at Noon Eastern join us live on Blab as we talk about SD-WAN for the Channel. Join via twitter or FB at -- What is Blab and why should you care? see here. [OnSip, Mojo Marketing and I did a blab on VoIP and channel. You can see the write up and the recorded video here.]

Other SD-WAN Resources for Channel Partners

Master Agency, TBI, has a guide on talking SD-WAN. You can get it here.

Master Agency, AVANT, has a rather long look at SD-WAN and how to get in the game. There is also a blog post on the Aryaka site about what AVANT has to say about WAN-as-a-service, yet another marketing term for the SD-WAN.

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