Show Wrap Up: Too Much Reckless Behavior

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Show Wrap Up: Too Much Reckless Behavior

As we wrap up the CP Evolution show in DC, my reflections have not been good. I will wrap up the show in a later post, but I need to get this off my chest. This show was an alcohol fueled bachelor party filled with scuffles, drunks, frustration and even sexual harassment.

This wasn't your fraternity reunion. This wasn't a bachelor party. People - men and women - spent their time and money to do commerce. Thanks for spoiling that.

People that don't know our industry - like say executives at certain VADs - I wonder what they think? We look like an unprofessional bunch of drunks. Who would want to do business with us?!

Maybe the emphasis of the show shouldn't be drinking early. Sunday it started at 4, Monday at 3 and Tuesday at Noon!!! Will AA have a booth at the next show? Or will Budweiser be a sponsor soon?

Granted the show had a ton of vendors and master agents, but the actual agent in the wild, the street pounding, circuit selling partners were missing. Frustration and booze breed testosterone, which leads to some awful behavior.

Is membership the Women in the Channel fueled by our frat boy behavior?

Honestly, as a partner, is asking for sexual favors for an order considered okay behavior?

Groping a woman in the industry, slapping someone's butt, pulling a woman into your room - these are just the few instances that happened at THIS show! These acts happen to women in our business every show!!!

Granted, the falling down drunkenness probably adds to the frat boy atmosphere, but shouldn't our industry be passed this by now?

People have long memories. We play musical chairs. The butt you slap today may be your boss next week. The guy you fell on while drunk may be the partner you wanted. There is a ripple effect because, like National Harbor, our industry is a fish bowl. It is small. People talk. It didn't go unnoticed. And it wasn't funny.

I am left to wonder: Is this who we are?

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