The INC5000 is Out

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The INC5000 is Out

I like the INC5000 list for 2016 because it is audited revenue, not the stuff of legend or press release.

Birch is on here with $591M in revenue in 2015, which looks like the lost about $100M of the Cbeyond revenue. In 2013, revenue was approximately $207M. In 2013, Birch acquired Covista, Ernest and Lightyear Network Solutions. They bought Cbeyond in 2014 plus the customer bases of Liberty-Bell Telecom, EveryCall, SelecTel, 5LYNX and Orbitcom. "In September 2014, Birch announced that they undergone 24 acquisitions overall, worth more than $500 million." Apparently churn is a problem, because they should be at more than $700M. Then this year, Birch purchased Primus Canada. Maybe we will see next year if they are on the INC5000 - or if they go public.

Fatbeam in Idaho "won 11 FCC E-rate contracts, which will help fund the construction of an additional 200 miles of fiber." [source] That should bump up their 2015 revenue of $2.8 million a bit.

Tower Cloud is a cell tower backhaul provider at $41.5M. Masergy is at $254M.

The list is mainly VoIP providers. Lightspeed Voice in Florida is just one of over 2000 Hosted VoIP companies operating in the US. They are at $2 million. In contrast, Clarity Voice is at $4M; NexVortex at $14M; Metaswitch powered CloudNet Group in Phoenix at $3.7M; and TeleBroad in Brooklyn at $3.4M. There are a lot of VoIP providers this size.

Star2Star was on the list for the sixth time. The 2013 revenue was $33M. 2015 was $52.7M. S2S states that they have "500,000 business users at tens of thousands of locations across the US and Canada," which would put them near the same seat size as Vonage Business and 8x8 at about 500-600K.

In contrast, Broadvoice is at $42M and 8x8 has $162M in revenue with 41,621 business customers in 2015. [8x8 average monthly service revenue per business customer increased 11% year-over-year to a record $320.] Star2Star is looking for an IPO in 2017. Evolve IP is at $59M.

A few of my clients made the INC5000 list including Hunt Telecom for its second straight year; JMF Solutions; and IdeaTek.

Mammoth Networks at $21.5M!

NITEL is on the list at $72.8m.

More than a handful of channel partners are on the list.

You have to wonder where CSNG, WTG, Telarus, Microcorp, COLOTRAQ, TBI and Avant are in revenue. It would be interesting to be where some of the others are like Kingcom, Exemplify, Datatel, Telecom Brokers, AB&T, Aligned, Acuity and Transit Brokers. I guess we will find out if any of them get picked off by (A) SYNNEX or another VAD; or (B) another master agent. Or if they make the INC5000 next year.

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