Music and the Mass Market

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Music and the Mass Market

"Maybe decades ago you could aim your songs at a mass market, but music does not really have one of those anymore. Artists have to figure out whom they're speaking to and where they're speaking from. The rest of us do the same. For better or worse, it's all identity now."

Interesting article about identity - product to consumer identity in music on NYT.

Seth Godin repeatedly says that there is no mass market. Yet time and again providers want the whole ocean. There are too many segments to the marketplace. There are a number of different buyer persona. There are different reasons to buy. It can't be treated as a single market buying Cocoa Puffs.

"But music is still, pretty obviously, tied to people." So is user adoption of your service. User adoption is critical for lower churn, more engagement and for the business to actually get something out of the purchase.

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