Do You Have Any Marketing Firms or Banks as Clients?

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Do You Have Any Marketing Firms or Banks as Clients?

It was a rough day in Europe with ransonware hitting banks, airlines, utilities and other businesses. Many businesses closed early in Europe. Some businesses in the US with parents in Europe were also infected.

WPP is one of the largest advertising and marketing firms in the world. They are a conglomerate of a number of acquisitions of agencies globally. WPP was hit with a ransonware hack that disabled its network (see HERE and HERE). It shut them down.

No one think it will happen to them, but the ease at which hackers are able to assault ANY computer or Internet-connected device makes EVERYONE susceptible. This gets exacerbated by 4 things that are easy but users are too lazy to do: (1) have a strong password policy; (2) update operating systems as well as anti-virus software and RUN it weekly; (3) back-up data; and (4) stop opening attachments!

You should be on top of your customers today pushing those 3 things: password policy; Managed IT or at the least anti-virus software; and cloud backup. Go make some money while this is still fresh. Or go help your customers so they aren't helpless tomorrow!

BTW, this would qualify as Disaster Recovery

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