President Obama, What is Our Rightful Place?

Do you want to be restored to your rightful place or go higher is a question Americans must ask themselves with regards to who they choose to vote for in future elections. The video below shows President Obama thanking his supporters for reaching out to over 80 million people prior to the recent election.

At the end of the video however he makes a comment about how "Change" will restore the middle class to its rightful place. The question worth asking however is what is their rightful place and who decides what exactly the right place is?

This may seem like a minor distinction but it isn't. Every move the president has made since taking power has been aimed at ensuring people over certain income levels are not assisted. Mortgage restructuring with federal assistance, cash for clunkers and so many other programs are designed to punish you financially or at least put you at a disadvantage once you reach a certain threshold - at which point, many of you who do not agree with the president are referred to as enemies.

There is a movement called conservatism which swept through the country this week and resulted in a historic election and this reminds us once again that Americans reject the idea that an arbitrary group of intellectuals in a marble building in Washington DC should decide when they are successful enough; when their income is fair game to be confiscated and when they need to be demonized for being "fat cats" taking trips to Las Vegas or having the audacity to work in the oil, insurance or medical professions.

Obama supporters need to remember they live in the land of opportunity where even the child of a single parent who had to live on food stamps can make it to Harvard Law School and become president. There is no glass ceiling in America placed on you by society - you are free to move to the top economically or politically based upon your skills, ability and drive.

Not so in many other countries where you may not get hired because of your religion, ancestry or a slew of other factors we don't worry about in the US. And this is why people the world over want to come to the US and take part in our unique capitalist system which generally rewards success and punishes failure (well unless you are a bank, insurance or car company but we'll address this in a later post).

Sadly though for our president - he hasn't realized how ironic it is for an elected minority president of a country to go on about injustice due to someone's class, race or ethnicity. This is the equivalent of Brad Pitt complaining that Hollywood has something against good looking actors. It just makes no sense.

Yes, Obama himself is living proof that the country has transcended these issues and this is why the forced class divisions he keeps making when suing Arizona about immigration issues are more about keeping his electoral support structure in place by manufacturing the racism demon he can go after for political advantage.

The change referred to over and over in this video is simply more government control on business and you meaning US companies will be less competitive in global markets and as a result fire US workers. In addition, higher taxes means less money for you because even if you aren't paying more taxes yourself, every purchase you make has tax rates factored into it. And finally, we are changing from a free society where you control your own destiny to one where a group of bureaucrats you've never met and didn't elect will tell you when you have earned too much and when you've eaten the wrong food and they'll control the type of car you drive, house you live in and what portion of your income needs to be given to the special interest groups who keep them in power.

Sometimes presidents say the darnedest things - and when they do - pay attention because you may be voting for change because you think it helps you but you should all keep in mind the broader picture which is - if it hurts your neighbor, it can't be good for you. We're all in this together and the divisive policies of the past few years have done nothing to help the economy or reduce joblessness. Moreover the the rightful place of the middle class in this blog's opinion is to break through the government-imposed glass ceiling and achieve the financial greatness it can aspire to.

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