Four Steps to Belgian Fries and Better Sales

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Four Steps to Belgian Fries and Better Sales

If you read this last week, you know that Broadvox was at the TAG National Convention. Working the event did interrupt my blog. This week I am at VoiceCon and I promised not to let the blog be interrupted. I will do my best. Okay, food first. I didn't get home until after midnight Friday due to airport delays. Consequently, I was not very enthusiastic about getting up and doing serious cooking on Saturday. I left it up to my wife to decide what she wanted to eat. Her choice was French Fries. Simple to make and I do them well. Around ten to fifteen years ago, I was introduced to Belgian Fries and they have become our favorite. Sometimes I will do curly fries, string potatoes and even something call a tornado tater. Nevertheless, usually the Belgian fry is the winner. Try the recipe it is good. Since I was frying, I also made a chicken fried steak to complement the Belgian Fries. On Sunday, I made a German Crispy Pork Knuckle or Shank and served that with a light salad. I considered the shank for today's recipe but they are hard to find. I buy mine at various Asian markets whenever they have them.

Better Sales...

I enjoyed the first keynote of the TAG National Convention, David Hibbard, very much. I decided to spend the week sharing his Foundations of Achievement message. I hope he doesn't mind. The discussion will cover the following:

1.       Mechanics - learning what to do

2.       Vision - understanding why you do it

3.       Story - the description of your situation

4.       Coach - a mentor that can vastly improve your mechanics

I will go into all four of these in greater depth Wednesday and Friday. I do want to close with one other thought that was given. Today we hear a lot about hope. We hope things will get better. We have to hope things will improve. Hoping is not the way to drive to success. David uses the word "aspiration", aggressively seek to attain, to soar to great heights. We need to aspire to succeeding in meeting our personal and sales goals. We need to move beyond desiring a likely result (Hope), to releazing a definitive result (Aspire).

See you on Wednesday with Mechanics and Vision.

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