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DualCor, Intel In Trademark Duel Over Dual Core

September 6, 2007

Mobility solutions developer and provider DualCor Technologies has filed suit against Intel over the giant chipmaker's use of the Dual Core name it uses for its CPUs.

As noted by DailyTech, DualCor changed its name from GSVI in December 2003 to DualCor and trademarked the DualCor name in 2004. There are no U.S. trademarks for "Dual Core" in the electronics or technology sectors.

Daily Tech further notes that DualCor claims in its suit that by using the "Dual Core" name, Intel is likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception amongst consumers.

What makes this case even more ironic is that DualCor is an Intel customer. But even though that's the case, emnity seems to be ruling here. 

"For many the only confusion will be the fact that few have probably ever heard of DualCor," writes DailyTech's Wolfgang Hansson.

DailyTech contacted both Intel and DualCor for comments on the pending litigation. Intel’s Chuck Mulloy had this to say about the suit, “While Intel respects the intellectual property rights of others we believe DualCor is mistaken in its allegations. As is our normal practice we would hope to settle the case amicably but we intend to defend this case vigorously if DualCor continues to pursue it.”

DualCor declined to comment on the suit.

DualCor is seeking monetary damages for trademark violations, as well as an injunction to guard against future use of Dual Core by Intel.

A copy of the filing is on the DailyTech site, here. 

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