Medical Robotics Firm Approaches European Milestone

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Greg Galitzine

Medical Robotics Firm Approaches European Milestone

Stereotaxis, Inc., manufacturer of the Vdrive Robotic Navigation System, an advanced cardiology instrument control solution, announced that it expects to surpass 500 clinical procedures in Europe before the current month is out.

Separately, Stereotaxis announced regulatory clearance from Health Canada to commercially market the device in Canada.

Since its introduction to the European market in 2011, the Vdrive system has been installed in nine centers, with units scheduled to be installed in additional centers during the first quarter of 2012. The initial nine centers have performed 473 clinical cases with approximately 80% being completed in the left atrium of the heart.

Vdrive expands upon the company’s Magnetic Navigation platform and is designed to enable remote manipulation of diagnostic devices used during medical procedures.

Citing positive clinical feedback, Michael P. Kaminski, President and CEO of Stereotaxis is excited about the company’s future, and the new opportunities that the Health Canada regulatory clearance portends.

“With the Health Canada market clearance for the Vdrive system, and our planned new Vdrive installations in Europe and Canada this year, we are well-positioned to drive the growth and further adoption of this exciting technology in electrophysiology labs in these important markets,” he said.

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