Twitter Filters and Instagram Update

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Twitter Filters and Instagram Update

Since the massive adoption and popularity of Instagram, we’ve seen a few other sites pick up filters of their own. Facebook, which acquired Instagram in April, recently updated its photo uploading feature. Users can now upload multiple photos at a time (up to 30) and edit with Facebook's own set of filters.

facebookfilters.jpgFacebook filters

Last week, Instagram pulled support for Twitter Cards, which enables users to view an Instagram photo straight from the Twitter feed. Since Instagram launched Web profiles and is increasing its Web presence, Instagram integration with Twitter now only shows a link instead of the photo.

In response to this, Twitter has launched its own set of filters.

twitterfilters.jpgTwitter filters

The ability to share photos on Twitter has been possible since June 2011. Unlike Instagram photos on Twitter now (just a link), the Twitter filters are allowed to be viewed right from the tweet. The new feature allows users to edit photos and apply photo filters from within Twitter-built applications. Aviary, a provider of photo-editing applications, powers Twitter’s new filters and effects feature. There are eight filter options similar to Instagram’s 19, ranging from black and white to vintage. Other effects include cropping, zooming and auto-enhancing.

Twitter isn’t alone in the application updates. Instagram also announced updates yesterday, with improved camera features and a new filter, Willow. Yesterday’s update (Instagram 3.2) is the largest upgrade to the Instagram iOS camera since Instagram was revamped a year ago.

Improved changes include improve tilt-shift focus, larger images on news feeds, Instagram-themed shutter and shutter release button, a preview of the most recent photo on your camera roll, improved camera roll image selector, optional grid guide for live photos and a permanent grid guide for the scale and crop screen and speed and reliability improvements.

instagramnew.jpgInstagram update

Filtered photos are now saved to a separate album called “Instagram” in the iOS camera roll and there is a Foursquare button on location pages that opens the Foursquare application, or mobile website, with details about the venue.

Willow is a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border, working well on portraits, still life and architecture photographs with contrast. The latest addition to the filter family is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

The competition is still going strong between the two giant social networks. Maybe Instagram's Foursquare integration will continue to get stronger, improving the location-focused app and continuing the feud between Twitter and Instagram. For users, now you have three huge options for adding filters to your photos to three different platforms -- choices are starting to get a little overwhelming. 
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