How to Land the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job

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How to Land the Ultimate Sports Social Media Job

XFINITY is looking to fill its social media spot for XFINITY Sports, so it’s appropriately turning to social media to recruit and invite candidates to apply.

The “Ultimate Sports Social Media Job” is offering one person the chance to become the new voice of @XFINITYSports, where they will post updates to more than 14,000 followers, attend major sporting events with behind-the-scenes access and interview athletic personalities for one year.

Interested? You have until Feb. 18 to apply, submitting a video of your sports knowledge and social media skills. After that, there will be wild card contest submissions posted online for voting from March 4-11, and from March 22-24 ten semifinalists will be flown to Philadelphia for performance evaluations at Xfinity Live!, a dining and entertainment district located in the Wells Fargo Complex. Five finalists will be on-site for baseball’s opening weekend April 5-7, where they will get the chance to show off their social media skills by participating in a series of challenges, and the winner will be announced mid-April.

Austin Schindel was the previous winner and has been living and breathing the sports world for the past year. Best moments – attending and covering UFC 148 Silva vs. Sonnen II and the MLB All-Star game.

Since social media has become a lot more mainstream in the past few years, new ways to use these networks are popping up almost every day. We’ve seen social media contests for product giveaways, vacation opportunities and cash prizes, but is utilizing social media as an interactive outlet for job applications the future of employment? Only time will tell!

To apply for this position, visit XFINITY’s Facebook page and click on the “Dream Job” tab on the top. Good luck!

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