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A Look at Some Numbers

A look at the results from a few companies. EarthLink announced 2Q2013 Results: Revenues for 2Q2013 is $313.4 million, "which is...

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Tech Leaders Brin, Zuckerberg and Bezos are Changing Everything

In the last few years there has been an incredible display of tech leaders transcending the status quo and jumping into new...

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If there's no "mobile" in your video development strategy, you're losing revenue

I’ll be speaking at the upcoming IT Expo West show in Las Vegas on August 27, where one of the topics...

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Axis Communications Uses APIs and Low-Light Tech to Differentiate

One constant in business has been the ecosystem can be more important than the product. As an example, if a person is...

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Jetman: A Rocket Powered Human Can Fly

Iron Man fans everywhere rejoice as it is now possible to fly with rocket power and a wing strapped to your back....

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Grandstream UCM6100 PBX - Security & GPLv2 Disaster?

Last week I wrote Grandstream UCM6100 PBX - Yet Another Aastra & snom Disaster? I was looking at it from a partner...

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Six Degrees of Mobile Data Plan Innovation: Loyalty-Based Plans

In this sixth installment of the Six Degrees of Mobile Data Plan Innovation blog series, Alcatel-Lucent’s Rich Crowe (@rhcrowe) examines loyalty-based mobile data plans. With loyalty-based plans, subscribers get rewards for keeping up active relationships with mobile network operators. Operators can use these plans as the basis for retaining subscribers, encouraging increased spending and data usage, or forming mutually profitable partnerships with retailers.

RAISE the bar

Airlines offer them. So do hotels, credit card companies and, yes, mobile network operators. “They” are loyalty programs that reward customers for making frequent purchases. Airlines, hotels and credit cards tend to stick to the script, offering free flights, nights and merchandise. Mobile network operators have no such script. Today, operators reward loyal customers with voice minutes, text messages, accessories, ringtones, discounted device upgrades or even dining, shopping, travel and spa services. As mobile network operators’ business models grow more data-centric, the creative use of mobile data will become essential to ensuring that their loyalty-based plans remain relevant.

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