What If SEN Acquires Nortel Enterprise?

Siemens Enterprise Networking (SEN) admits it's thinking about acquiring Nortel's Enterprise business.

No surprise, as the rumors to this effect have been rampant.

Three things make this an interesting option.

Firstly, Nortel and SEN very much have complementary installed bases, with Nortel particularly strong in North America. Consolidation would result in a stronger, more viable, player.

Secondly, combining SEN's Enterasys data unit with that of Nortel would finally result in a clear #2 to Cisco in the switching space.

Thirdly, both companies have a technology strategy targeting communications as an application.

But SEN is not the only one seeing the value of Nortel Enterprise: its customer base, and its UC, applications and data technologies. Avaya has been mentioned, as have private equity firms.

Let's watch as this story unfolds.

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