IR to Port Prognosis to Nortel, Avaya, Alcatel

Integrated Research has announced plans to port Prognosis, its software for managing large scale Cisco VoIP networks, to three other leading vendors, effectively tripling its addressable market.
The company says that, over the next 12 months Prognosis will be extended to work on Avaya, Alcatel and Nortel installations. It says that the impetus for this initiative comes from current users of Prognosis who are looking to: eliminate the need to procure and maintain multiple, IP-PBX specific management tools; reduce the time and expense involved in training network operations staff to use differing solutions; give operations staff a single, consistent view across all their disparate VoIP environments.
According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 enterprise telephony systems market report, Avaya and Nortel’s combined share of the North American market is 38.8 percent. IPI notes that, if added to Cisco’s 19.8 percent share this represents a total of 58.5 percent across all three vendors.
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