Qualcomm gets off the UMB sidetrack and embraces LTE

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Qualcomm gets off the UMB sidetrack and embraces LTE

Having lunch with our future speaker Dr. Hyung G. Myung from Qualcomm, I get the impression that LTE is in good hands.  Mr. Myung is working the Single Carrier technologies I mentioned in my first post  on this site. 

But this is CDMA (George Gilders dream team) Qualcomm!  They acquired Flarion and have been the advocates of UMB ultra mobile broadband as a standard.  Why in the world are they LTE now?

The answer is in the evolution part.  Twenty years ago before the Internet, the ability to have geographically separate standards was possible.  Now the Partners of 3GPP clearly understand that they are going to be delivering the same platform eventually and it's the Wireless Internet.
So the CDMA world is going to blend into the rest of 4G via the LTE side of the equation. But wait there is more. 

Qualcomm is building something they have called Kayak. It's not a phone.  It's a computing device.  And they are with Adobe on the Open Screen Project.

So while I am continually trying to understand if the device in my future is a computer that communicates or a phone that computes,  this device sound like a good compromise.

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