Skype vs. DT And now the Ref Steps in..

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Skype vs. DT And now the Ref Steps in..

A friend sends a note..

The European Union (EU) is reportedly preparing guidelines for wireless
carriers to allow VoIP services like Skype to run over their networks,
including punishments if they don't comply. EU commissioner (Viviane Redding) said "action" should be taken against carriers who use market power to block new services.

Apparently, the EU already has prepared a draft position to open up
smartphones to VoIP services, but lawmakers want to refine the language.
Right now, each EU country has to decide how they want to deal with blocked
services on an individual basis, and the EU is asking countries to take
legal action against carriers that "block innovative services." Deutsche
Telekom's decision to block Skype may prompt the EU to look into antitrust
charges against the carriers.

I had already commented and will continue to do so.

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