Google Competes again with Email

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Google Competes again with Email

Catch the Wave from Google, and you can see the dilemma we face as move to 4G.  First of all lets give them credit.  The Rasmussen's brothers and their team (aka google maps leaders) have developed a document strategy they call wave. 

These waves are a federated document management flow.  For those of us with history, this could sound like Lotus Notes, but on the web its so much more.  This system on the web makes near real time communication incredibly fast.  If you watch the presentation its clear they are struggling getting their arms around the ways to use this tool, but in effect the way I have come to view this is they have made collaborative webbing as opposed to email thats viewed on the web this webmail moves in and out of paradigms, such as twitter, social networks, etc. 

But the real power of making the document live is the way that the security is implemented.  If federation works as well as they claim, a new model for online communication will be delivered.  As carriers look to roll out 4G as a data network Web-centric services like Wave may be compelling consumers than any new device.


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