IMS - It Means SIP

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IMS - It Means SIP

Okay, the conversations today, are starting to freak me out.  While many declared IMS dead a while ago, the carriers are now ready to talk about SIP without mentioning IMS.

For awhile it was stated that IMS was the way to enable SIP into the legacy network.  Now what has evolved is IMS may be enabled in some aspect of the infrastructure, but if you want to talk services, you can stop the code and just say SIP to everyone now.

Pretty amazing.

But dont think the story is over for IMS.  Content Delivery, Virtualization, Legacy integration, etc.  It all points to some aspect of IMS.  We could claim that IMS is like a couch, it means sectional.  After all no one claims they are implementing everything, but almost everyone thinks they are implementing some aspect of IMS.  So at the end of the day IMS means alot of things to alot of people, but new services is not one of them.

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