4G - Power Car

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4G - Power Car

Have I mentioned, my obsession with battery.  I do not consider myself a hog on power, but my phones are constantly running out of battery.  Yesterday's trip did not have the blogging I expected, because it did not have the power.

So Radio Shack got to sell me a 350W car adapter today that now has my two computers, my two phones and the MiFi attached.  Pretty amazing.  Of course if i don't turn it all off when the car is off, the other triple A in my life will be coming to visit.

But I am up and running right now and it only took converting my car into a small office, or maybe a power station.

Yesterday, the discussions were very insightful, and I think the real story in QoS maybe the Power to Signal ability.  Right now, with everything attached, the only limitation I have is VZ's bandwidth limit.  But in the past, the GPhone has died when watching a YouTube video. 

I have yet to go in dual mode on phone that will the subject of another blog.  But the efforts I have made to make sure I have another power suggests to me that we have a long way to go.  A lot more evolution in this wireless broadband world is ahead of us.

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