Massive Mobility Finally

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Massive Mobility Finally

Scott and I just had lunch and we were next to a Verizon Wireless store.  And we got to talking about Andy Abramson's blog about VZ's MiFi service.  My connectivity has been for S%^# for a while and these last few days has made a dramatic change in my ability to be part of the 4G world.  So this is my first blog taking advantage of my new device. 

Earlier in the day Scott and I were on a conference call with both of our cellphones,  I joked that we needed an ip pbx in the car, or a better speaker phone on the bluetooth device. 

In the move from the west coast to the east coast of Florida, I am getting the T-Mobile@home service for my old number.  This has also given me ATT DSL.  My ID with them works for all their hot spots (as if I was not going to McDonald's anyway).  

I expect my blogging to dramatically increase.

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