OMGPOP Gets Some Zynga

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OMGPOP Gets Some Zynga

Here is interesting news.  Zynga bought OMGPOP for its latest game according to the NY Times.  The issue for Zynga is that its not having as much success as it has had in Social networks.  That maybe because their model requires a commitment to gaming that is hard to sustain.

I played CityVille to the point where my town was a drain on time.  I apologize to all my little flash avitars for the neglect and all my friends who wanted me to visit their cities.  Now I am getting overloaded with Words with Friends games.  Like the splitting of a cell, every time a game ends both parties are asked to start a new game.  The result is after three games you are playing four against each other and left unchecked you just keep expanding.

Clearly,  Zynga knows how to hook you socially.  However,  this is not the way I would choose to use my mobile and I suspect that is the lesson they are trying to learn. 

The OMGPOP game is a doodling

CityVille (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  game shared amongst friends.

I am not sure this is the future of games, but its a bridge between the mobile and the social which is why I think Zynga has brought them in. __PLACEHOLDER__
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