AirTime is Exactly What it Needs

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AirTime is Exactly What it Needs

The Deal Book in the NY Times shows that even startups with pedigrees have problems breaking out.  Airtime looks like a Google hangout upgrade.

But at the end of the day, what is the driver for these things.

It's one thing to build something for facebook which is how AirTime expects people to connect, but its another to think of video as part of every day communication.

Personally, I think video has a different friend set than audio calls and in a conference mode it get even tighter restrictions.

Back in the days, Rob Fulop one did a flirting presentation.  In tracing the history of flirting he showed that becoming initimate was a process where it took several iterations to reveal the "real" you.

Now I am not a big avatar fan.  I have issues when people are on IM with animal pictures during a business conference.  However, I do see Rob's point and I think its gets over looked by a lot of companies that want to treat video as the next telephone.

I think rich media will have a scale in the long run and video will have markets that look like the full spectrum but in reality will have a new aspect to contextual communication.


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