Nimsoft Service Desk Pricing: Distributed NetFlow Solutions

Michael Patterson : Advanced NetFlow Traffic Analysis
Michael Patterson
Founder and Product manager for Plixer's Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer as well as Flow Analytics.

Nimsoft Service Desk Pricing: Distributed NetFlow Solutions

The Nimsoft Service Desk claims that it will allow you to coordinate and accelerate incident response and proactive IT management.  This of course will in turn increase user satisfaction, reduce costs, and help meet business objectives.  In many cases when vendors like Nimsoft (owned by Computer Associates) try to provide the all-encompassing solution, they sometimes turn to best of breed vendors like Plixer to provide highly specialized solutions to address specific areas of IT.  In this case: NetFlow and IPFIX. 

In the past, the Nimsoft support team in sales relied on Scrutinizer to provide the NetFlow reporting capability in NimBus.

nimsoft service desk 

Scrutinizer NetFlow Analyzer helped address one of the Nimsoft problems when it came to NetFlow analysis.  Apparently the NetQoS solution which is also owned by Computer Associates was too expensive at the time for some customers.  Zenoss, Spiceworks and Uptime Devices also leverage Scrutinizer for NetFlow collection.

One of the many keys to large scale NetFlow Deployments today is in distributed NetFlow solutions.  Plixer aims to aid partners and OEM vendors once again by releasing an enhanced distributed NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX architecture. With each Scrutinizer collector receiving over 100K flows per second, Plixer aims to exceed 3 million flows per second.

Nimsoft customers can contact Plixer with technical questions on the integration between the two products.

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