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Michael Patterson
Founder and Product manager for Plixer's Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analyzer as well as Flow Analytics.

May 2012

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Ingress NetFlow or Egress NetFlow part 1

May 31, 2012

Why use Egress NetFlow

The topic of ingress or egress NetFlow has come up more than once at our company.  The benefits of egress over ingress flows are outlined in the above link.  It is important to understand that NetFlow v5 only supports ingress NetFlow where by the flows are collected as traffic comes into an interface and not as they go out.  The logic was that if NetFlow is metered (i.e.

Cloud Service Monitoring

May 20, 2012

Interest in cloud service monitoring utilities will grow as businesses become more dependent on these types of virtual services.  In this post, I’ll outline some great ways to monitor cloud services by leveraging in house hardware namely, Cisco Routers and the use of Flexible NetFlow Performance Monitoring or Medianet exports.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions with Remote Humidity Sensors

May 9, 2012

Generally I write about NetFlow solutions but, today I’ve got temperature monitoring solutions on my mind for a data center we use that requires remote humidity sensors or electronic hygrometer equipment.   Server room monitoring isn’t something I consider my forte but, it seemed I couldn’t avoid getting involved with this project.

Cisco ASA Vs. Juniper SRX: NetFlow Reporting

May 6, 2012

The Cisco ASA Vs. Juniper SRX was being hotly debated on the Cisco forum.   Being a flow analysis company we always ask about NetFlow or IPFIX support before we purchase a network appliance, especially a firewall.  Reporting on data in our organization is paramount as “he who stays in the know, stays ahead”.  When it comes to firewall reporting, we are looking for:

  • Traditional flow reporting
  • Log reporting
  • Other cool flow exports (e.g. usernames)
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