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AKCP Reseller : AKCP Distributor

Setting up server room monitoring or any type of environmental monitoring may lead you to the largest AKCP Reseller or AKCP Distributor in the United States. The sensorProbe2 is the BitSight 2 from Ravica.com. They carry an entire line of environmental monitoring sensors for nearly every type of environmental condition.  Examples include temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, smoke detection, airflow, fuel level sensors, water detection, etc.

Largest AKCP Reseller and AKCP Distributor
As the largest AKCP Reseller and AKCP Distributor, Ravica has sold more hardware for data room and server room monitoring than any other AKCP partner in the world.  When Plixer setup the server room monitoring at our new location in Kennebunk, Maine, we installed both the BitSight 2 (sensorProbe2) and a securityProbe.  We monitor temperature, humidity, airflow and several other metrics in our data room which requires over 5 tons of air conditioning.  

“Our sales are really the result of both hardware and the commitment we have to our relationship with AKCP.”  Said Matt St Jean – Dir. Sales at Ravica  “They provide us with great hardware and we provide the service and support  that allows us to deliver a world class solution to our customers.”  

AKCP Reseller Distributor

AKCP Reseller sells to Plixer
We had the securityProbe in place at our last office in Sanford and never had a failure.  Since the space in Kennebunk was new to us as was all the new air conditioning units, we decided to install even more environmental monitoring gear.  We also setup the door control unit and several security cameras around the building.  We have camera’s monitoring our internal office, the parking lot and the lobby and we have already had to rely on the surveillance system to go back and look at footage for incidences both inside and outside the building.  The Ravica investment has been a solution we can depend on.

Plixer Relies on securityProbe
As luck would have it, one of the AC units failed in the first 30 days and our securityProbe sent out the notification to let us know that something was wrong.  Just about every business with 10 servers or more has a data room.  I can’t imagine not having a server room monitoring solution in place.  If our data room shuts down, we rely on our off site backup but, the inconvenience of operating on our backup is certainly less than ideal.  We installed Ravica gear to help avoid the chances of an emergency swap over.  

AKCP securityProbe Base Units
As an AKCP Reseller and a certified AKCP Distributor, Ravica offers all of the same base units.  They also carry 100% of all the same intelligent sensors. Ravica offers technical support and the same lifetime warranty on all the equipment it sells.  

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