Trickle Trickle Little TrickleStar

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Trickle Trickle Little TrickleStar

twinklestar.gif TrickleStar, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, will be making the U.S. debut of the "world-first" power-saving device

TrickleStar's products address the issue of standby power consumed by PC appliances and TV accessories by stopping the flow of standby power when in "standby" mode. 

The TrickleStar PC Standby Power Saver connects to a PC via a standard USB cable and detects the power status of a PC via the USB port. When a PC is "on," the product will switch "on" all accessory devices. Conversely, when a PC is switched "off," it will switch "off" all accessory devices.

I like it. Let's get some of these soon.

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