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April 2004

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Streaming TV to PocketPC

April 28, 2004

Shhh, don't tell my boss, but I've always wanted the ability to stream live TV on my work desktop PC. You know for those times when the Yankees are playing the Red Sox in a day game on a work day, or there's a daytime NCAA game going on? Using ESPN's GameCast feature just isn't the same.

There are some sites that stream live TV for free,but you're limited to the channel that they stream.

Texas Instruments predicts broadband & VoIP growth

April 27, 2004

i saw two releases from TI regarding broadband growth as well some interesting integration of VoIP onto DSL chipsets.

Check out this story on broadand growth:
Texas Instruments Predicts Continued Momentum for Broadband Business in 2004

Here is an excerpt from the second news release:
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced two new DSL residential gateway reference designs that add Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless home networking functionality. The new designs are based upon TI's AR7 DSL router- on-a-chip and combines key technologies of TI's broadband portfolio. These DSL, VoIP and WLAN technologies were designed to allow future system-level integration with platforms containing common hardware and software architectures.

Cellphone GPS traffic monitoring

April 23, 2004

Zipdash - Mobile Map and Traffic App

In a recent blog entry, I talked about my desire to "integrate" GPS with tracking technology to be able to determine traffic speeds and re-route accordingly.

Well, who knew that just a few days later I would be watching TechTV and they would demonstrate a product that is very close to what I was looking for!

A company called ZipDash works with NexTel phones (with GPS option) and displays a map on the Nextel phone with color coded arrows to indicate the traffic speed (green, yellow, red). (I believe it's a Java app on the phone)

I mentioned in my blog that my "theoretical idea" of a P2P GPS traffic monitoring model would require users to have to "opt in" in order to receive traffic reports.

Keyspan USB Server

April 21, 2004

Have you ever been frustrated by plugging and unplugging USB devices from your measly 2 USB ports (typically most PCs only come with 2 ports) I know I have constantly had to plug/unplug a USB printer, Canon PowerShot G3 digital camera, iPaq sync cradle, Plantronics USB headset, Intel videocamera, and more from my PC. I thought about buying a USB hub to add more ports, but I guess I'm just too damn cheap.

Actually I just couldn't justify spending the money on USB hub just due to the "laziness factor" of having to plug/unplug USB devices.

I did wish I could "share" my USB peripheral devices on the network so that my network of PCs (home & work) could share the USB devices without having to move them.

Morpheus goes after VoIP market

April 20, 2004

Morpheus used to be the leading P2P client and formerly one of my favorite P2P applications - that is before they were sued by the RIAA, then "revamped" their client and started bundling spyware. In any event, they've cleaned up their act a little and offer a decent P2P client app, that can access multiple P2P networks at once (i.e. Kazaa, eDonkey, iMesh, Overnet, Grokster, Gnutella, LimeWire, etc.). I haven't checked it out yet, as I am still partial to eMule Plus.

I hate traffic! GPS to the rescue?

April 19, 2004

I hate traffic. No, let me rephrase that. I HATE traffic! Connecticut's I-95 corridor from Bridgeport to Greenwich is ranked as having traffic in the nation. I know for a fact that commuting on I-95 has knocked off at least 5 years of my lifetime - not to mention the years I have sat idling in standstill traffic, wasting gallons of fossil fuel, polluting the environment, and the increased blood pressure incurred by cursing that guy who just cut me off just to advance 3 car spaces in 5 mph traffic

You know what I hate even worse?

WiFi VoIP using mesh networks

April 16, 2004

I'm a huge fan of WiFi. I just wish it was more ubiquitous. There are a plethora of technologies coming to market to help make this happen, such as "mesh networks" that will help improve WiFi network coverage.

The beauty of the "mesh" is that you can quickly create new wireless networks or extend existing WLANs without needing a wired connection to each access point (AP). Mesh-enabled APs are good at load balancing because they can choose the most efficient path for data.

Canada regulates VoIP

April 12, 2004

GPS Wish List

April 12, 2004

In my last blog entry, I mentioned I would discuss a GPS wishlist. First a backgrounder. I had to disable my Mitsubishi 3000GT's after-market alarm system (with an engine cut off switch) because both remote controls died.

One died because it got wet (fell in a lake) and the other just died for no reason.

GPS Navigation Rules!

April 9, 2004

I'm a huge fan of GPS. I've got a Compaq iPaq PocketPC mounted to my windshield using a suction cub device connected to a Destinator GPS antenna ( and running Destinator 3.0 GPS software/maps. They license the same maps used by Mapquest from a company called NavTech. So whether you've cursed Mapquest for improper directions or thanked the Almighty for the convenience of Mapquest, will determine how accurate you think Destinator's maps are. Actually, in my opinion, the Destinator maps are quite good and they include POIs (Points of Interest) categories that include gas, restaurants, casinos, shopping, airports, and more.

Microsoft adds VoIP to Windows CE

April 5, 2004

A new version of Windows CE is due this summer (Microsoft Watch) and with that release comes some cool embedded VoIP functionality.

Windows CE 5.0 integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 for contacts and calendaring, adds multiparty audio conferencing, and provides automatic provisioning to SIP servers.

One nifty example of how the Exchange integration would work is that it will allow a user to look up contact information through an IP phone and know whether they are online via presence. With automatic provisioning, an IP phone running CE 5.0 could scan the network for its correct SIP address and access the right SIP server.

Google goes after Hotmail

April 1, 2004

Wow, as a "free" Hotmail user myself, I was shocked to learn that Google is launching a "free" email service of its own that puts Hotmail's 2mb "free" limit to shame! No more deleting spam email on Hotmail every 30 minutes just so I can receive more email. You ever wonder if Microsoft purposely fills the spam folder or sells our hotmail addresses? ok, maybe that's just conspiracy talk.

Cool! Online VoIP Quality Test

April 1, 2004

I discovered a company (Brix Networks) that can actually test your broadband connection for VoIP viability. They can measure latency, jitter, packet loss, and even do MOS scoring! Way cool!

Here are some details, with a screenshot below: is supported by a VoIP performance management system from Brix Networks.

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