CloudTC Glass 1000 Android IP Phone Adds New Features

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CloudTC Glass 1000 Android IP Phone Adds New Features

Peter Radizeski informed me that CloudTC has a new software update for their Android-based Glass 1000 IP phone, which adds some nice new features. I'm in the process of testing/reviewing the Glass 1000 so I'm going to have to download the latest firmware and try out the new features.

The newest Glass Phone Software Release 2.3.3 adds Bluetooth headset and Handsfree Profiles support. The Glass platform can now support replaceable third-party phone apps via the Glass VoIP Phone API. You can now create your own telephony UI to distinguish your offering. They also added Operator Console which features 16 programmable quick dials that will change color to reflect the BLF state (busy, not busy). The Glass 1000 also now supports BLF via the SIP Subscribe/Notify feature.

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