Belkin GoStudio Turns iPod into Recording Studio!

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Belkin GoStudio Turns iPod into Recording Studio!

F8Z295_hero.jpg Now you can turn your iPod into your own mini, hand-sized recording studio with Belkin's GoStudio.  It can record stereo audo directly to an iPod Classic, Nano or Video with its two built-in microphones, a mono speaker and four external microphone inputs.

The iPod slips into a holster-like setup and a recording menu appears.  Neat features include built-in gain and recording level controls as well as monitor controls so you can listen to your recording while you are doing it.

Recordings can be uploaded immediately to iTunes when your iPod is connected to your computer. You can then add that audio to your blog, web site, Facebook or MySpace pages. 

Pretty cool!  Can some pro audio recording studios be jealous of your work   

MSRP: $119.99
Availability: Now.

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