Blackra1n on iPad Jailbreak!

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Blackra1n on iPad Jailbreak!

George Hotz, aka Geohot has done it again - an iPad jailbreak! Geohot released an image (above) showing his jailbreak tool blackra1n on the home screen of his iPad. I'm a huge fan of Geohot since I used his blackra1n tool to jailbreak my iPhone to get glorious Categories, background apps/multi-tasking, theming, and all the other joys that come with jailbreaking. Interestingly, he's a fan of VoIP since I see Skype on his home screen. Even more reason for me to like this guy.

This is huge news for iPad users and iPad owner wannabees looking forward to a public jailbreak for the iPad. He has hasn't released the tool yet for download, so he must be working out the kinks -- but fear not iPad fans - it's coming... it's coming. And make sure when it does to give geohot a nice donation for his hard work.

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