Download iPhone OS 3.0 for free

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Download iPhone OS 3.0 for free

Can't wait till next week to get the official iPhone 3.0 OS release? Well you can get it now for free! I'll provide the step-by-step instructions to get this latest firmware release installed on your iPhone. Technically, this is piracy, so be sure you only do this for "testing" purposes and the "check is in the mail" to Apple for when the upgrade release becomes officially available.

1) You need to search for a torrent files called "iPhone OS 3.0 3G GM Golden Master Build 7A341". This is the FINAL RELEASE that will be released next week. If to lazy to search via your favorite torrent client or website, you can just get it here on The Pirate Bay. The image is called iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw and it should be 230.05MB

This is for the iPhone 3G. If you have the original iPhone 2G you'll have to look for another version with a filename called iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw (only difference is iPhone1,2 vs. iPhone1,1. You can Google for this file and find some links for the iPhone 2G model. I'll include them here for you lazy folks:

iPhone 2G:
(via iPhoneHeat)

2) Backup you existing iPhone and sync your files to be safe. You'll be able to go back to your last version if things go awry.

3) After you download the .ipsw file launch Apple iTunes

4) In iTunes, on the iPhone screen Shift+Click the Restore button. For Macs its Option+Click the Restore button.

5) Select the .ipsw firmware file you downloaded. If you downloaded the multiple rar files you need to extract them and combine them together.

6) Perform iPhone firmware update! Rejoice, you're on your way to iPhone 3.0 goodness! Copy paste [sniff] . Makes me cry everything I think I can finally have copy/paste on an iPhone. It's like when cavemen finally discovered fire.

7) Watch the progress bar and "Restoring iPhone firmware..." text while deviously rubbing your hands together.

8) When done the iPhone will restart and then resync your data.

9) Enjoy the iPhone operating system Steve Jobs should have released a long time ago!

Note: This is the same exact software release launching next week, so there is little risk of bricking your iPhone. You can just as easily purchase the software next week and brick your iPhone.

10) While your waiting for your iPhone to upgrade to 3.0, head on over to this page on Amazon which shows the hottest iPhone 3G Accessories

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