iTunes Outage Problems

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iTunes Outage Problems

michael-jackson-zombie-thriller.jpgApple iTunes is experiencing some severe outage problems today. I was trying to install Truphone and Skype on a coworker's iPhone when I noticed I couldn't search the App Store on his iPhone. Rich Tehrani also tried installing a gaming app I recommended called Blowfish, but it wouldn't accept his password.

My IT administrator then proceeded to try and register a new iTunes account within the iTunes PC software for this iPhone and that wouldn't work either. Perhaps the Michael Jackson resurgence phenomenon is overloading iTunes? According to CNET, "On iTunes, the Web's largest music service, 8 out of the top-10-selling albums for download were from Jackson, with a compilation album, "The Essential Michael Jackson" in the No. 1 spot."
Finally, after failing to register for a new iTunes account within iTunes, we were able to register/create a new account using the Apple website -

If indeed Michael Jackson brought down iTunes, then he truly is the "King". The King of Pop and the King of iTunes.

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