Next-gen iPod touch Features Mic, Video, and VoIP?

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Next-gen iPod touch Features Mic, Video, and VoIP?

is reporting rumors about Apple preparing a new version of the iPod touch that includes a camera and microphone, which when combined with Skype for the iPod touch would negate the need for a home phone line. VoIP on an iPod touch? That's just heresy! Essentially, the iPod touch becomes an iPhone without the need for an AT&T contract.

The article then points out you can add a portable Verizon MiFi 3G wireless access point, which shares your 3G connection using WiFi to finally bring the iPhone experience to Verizon's 3G network. -- and without AT&T's locked-in contract obligations. Of course, you'll need a Skype account with SkypeOut minutes plus a SkypeIn number, which aren't exactly "free". Or you can use another SIP provider using a SIP softphone for the iPod touch. Both fring and Nimbuzz offer SIP capabilities built-in, and there are other apps as well.

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