Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone 1.3 Released

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Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone 1.3 Released

Yahoo! released an update to Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone (version 1.3) today. The new version adds some of the most frequently requested features for the app including:

  • Allowing users to update their display image within the iPhone application
  • Sending iPhone stored photos and videos through IM
  • Offering the option to ignore messages from people not on a users' Yahoo! Messenger contact list
In the new version you can now IM both photo and videos that are stored on your iPhone. You can also receive and view photos, videos (.mov, .mp4), Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls), .txt files, and PDF files from within the Yahoo! Messenger app. According to Yahoo!, "When sending and receiving, the maximum file size is 15MB, which is much larger than the limits of MMS."

For more info on the new features on the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone (version 1.3), head over to the Yahoo! Messenger Blog.

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