Asterisk Training Courses at ITEXPO

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Asterisk Training Courses at ITEXPO

itexpo09.gifCan you believe ITEXPO is just two weeks away? It's also almost September. Where did the Summer go?

ITEXPO, the #1 VoIP conference in the U.S., has several educational tracks you might be interested in checking out. Of particular interest to me are the two separate Asterisk and the Switchvox training courses. As Asterisk's popularity continues to grow, so does its development and complexity. Last year's Asterisk isn't the same as this year's, so it's never too late for a refresher or to learn about the newest features.

I've only seen demos of Switchvox and haven't actually put Switchvox through the full test-drive ringer, so I might want to check out the Switchvox training course just to see what's new and what's different from regular Asterisk. Also can't hurt to learn how to use and manage it since I'd like to review it at some point.

You can check out and register for one or both courses here.

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